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al Qai'da Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al Qai'da terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al Qai'da (al Qaeda) and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East State benefactors.


Abu Zubaydah, al Qai'da's head of international terrorist operations and a principal operative in the US New Era operation was captured after being critically wounded in a gun battle in Pakistan  .   .   .   The Benevolence Foundation  .  based in Chicago  .  and its director Enaam M. Arnaout were charged with providing as much as $685,000 anually to Al Qai'da  .  .  .  Purchase your copy of    .   .   .   The Little Scroll   .   .  .   al Qai'da's War Against God's Favorite City   .   .   .   for only USD $19.95    .   .   .   Purchase at the bottom of any page on this Website.   .   .
This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship God through the religion of their choice.



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Terrorist Threat Confronting the US

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Usama bin Laden

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The Walrus of the Sea

New Era Satellite View

NORAD Security Breach

State-Sponsored Terrorism

The Saudi Connection

Charter of Hamas

New Era OPS Members

Former al Qai'da Prophet

FBI 22 Most Wanted Terrorists

Babylon of Usama bin Laden

US Nuclear Missile Shield

Counter-Terrorism Sites

Interpol's Bin Laden Site 

Congressional Quarterly Press

ERRI Site on bin Laden/al Qai'da

Official DoD Pentagon Photos

The Terrorist Threat Confronting the United States


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National Defense, Warfare & World Security

  • Almanac of Policy Issues:  National Security - News, background information, and links on U.S. foreign policy and national security issues.
  • Armed Forces of the  World - References and links on armed forces of most countries. From the Canadian Forces College, Department of National Defence (Canada).
  • Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments - An independent policy research institute providing  news and publications on military strategy, defense budgets and programs, weapon systems and critical technologies, personnel issues, force readiness, future warfare, and defense industries. Links to related materials.
  • Defence Systems Daily - Daily defence and aerospace news from around the world.
  • Harvard  University International Security Program - Addresses the most important  challenges to U.S. national security and international security in the quarter century ahead and seeks to advance scholarship in security studies by  contributing to significant academic debates through its own research activities and by publishing the leading journal in the field, International  Security.
  • Jane's Information Group - News, information and analysis from a leading source for information on defense,  geopolitics, transport and police industries and issues
  • - Source of U.S. military news, history, career information and other resources.
  • - U.S.  Defense - A non-partisan research web site that presents summary information  and opposing viewpoints on major national issues. Links to leading think tanks, news sources, advocacy groups, candidate web sites and historical  documents.
  • Royal United Services  Institute - Studies geo-politics, geo-strategy, operational matters, the  causes, prevention and resolution of regional conflicts, the balancing of resources and commitments, and defence technology and procurement.
  • Rural Alliance for Military  Accountability (RAMA) - Assists citizens, elected officials, and government and non-government organizations to address problems caused by military training activities conducted on public and private lands, indian lands, military lands,  and airspace throughout the country. Environmental, military and legal issues.
  • - Over 1  million military pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity.
  • War and Law  League - A nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization upholding the U.S. Constitution and treaties in matters of war and peace; opposing any wars initiated by presidents and undeclared by Congress.
  • Weekly Defense Monitor - News on defense issues from the Center for Defense  Information.


  • Kukui Roadhouse *Cool Site* - International Terrorism Review. 1983 -  Present Time.
  • Civil War, Terrorism and Gangs. - A proposed explanation of civil war, terrorism, and gangs using  theories of sociology and social dynamics.
  • The Counter-Terrorism  Page - For the study of terrorism, counterterrorism, politically motivated  violence, and revolutionary activity.
  • Firebase Global: A Worldwide Intelligence Forum - Current events, CIA operations, background information, and reference sites.
  • Global Terrorism Decoded - Original interviews with experts on terrorism, and other  information. (Subscription service.)
  • Kim-spy - Intelligence and CounterIntelligence. *I highly recommend this site*
  • National Disaster Medical System - NDMS assists American state and local medical agencies responding to the health effects of peacetime disasters, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction. Includes discussion of counterterrorism, searchable directory, and links to related materials.
  • Proliferation: Threat and  Response - 1997 U.S. Department of Defence report on proliferation and  threat of weapons of mass destruction in the world. Includes slide show, news releases, and related links.
  • ZGram Attic - Includes  information and links on American Intelligence, patterns of global terrorism, terrorist organization, chemical and biological weapons, computer security,  cryptography, economic espionage, and related topics.

Chemical & Biological Terrorism


  • Anthrax - Bacteriology Lecture by Kenneth Todar, University of Wisconsin Department of Bacteriology.
  • Anthrax - General information from the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Anthrax - Case definitions for public health surveillance from CDC.
  • Anthrax as Bio-War Agent - treatment.
  • Anthrax  treatment, prevention, and more. - Links to a wide range of Anthrax  information concerning treatment, prevention, diagnosis, email groups, support groups, personal stories, and much more. Updated regularly.
  • Anthrax Vaccine  Immunization Program - The Official DoD Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program  (AVIP) Web Site. Your definitive source for information about anthrax - the disease, the threat, the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and the implementation of the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program. A reference guide  for our troops, their families and friends to help understand the AVIP and its  importance as a part of Total Force Health Protection.
  • Countering the Anthrax Threat - Plain English site giving lots of information about the U.S. DoD  Total Force Anthrax Innoculation Program
  • Encyclopedia Britannica - Anthrax entry.
  • America  the Unready - Economist
  • Anthrax  hoaxes: Hot new hobby? - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  • Catching a 48-Hour Bug - Time

Domestic Terrorism

  • Center on Hate and Extremism - A nonpartisan organization dedicated to research on the use  of hate, the advocacy of extreme political measures, or the use of terrorism to deny civil or human rights to any group because of their political position,  ethnicity, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Includes  links, Articles and Papers.
  • Cults, Hate  Groups, Militias and Terrorists Links - Created and Maintained by Rebecca Box.
  • Domestic Terrorism Page - "The Close Up Foundation Domestic Terrorism Page, featuring highlights of 1996 Anti-Terrorist Act, a timeline of domestic terrorism, a classroom activity, and an annotated list of hyperlinks to more comprehensive  sources of information."
  • Lisson Criminal Justice Website and Article Archive - Archive of Criminal Justice Related Articles: Pipe Bombs and Juvenile Domestic Terrorism, other related  articles.
  • Nature and Distribution  of Known Offenses - Data on nature and extent of criminal activity in the  United States. From the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics .
  • Statistics:  Domestic Terrorism - From the National Center for Victims of Crime.

International Terrorism



  • Arms Control Association - National nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to promoting public understanding and support for effective arms control  policies.
  • Atlas of US Arms Trade - MOJO wire info on arms around the world including details on  countries and companies involved in US arms trade. Arms lobby info and activists throughout the world.
  • Berlin Information-center for  Transatlantic Security - German based organization providing independent  expertise on military security issues, especially in the field of nuclear and conventional disarmament and arms control, non-proliferation, and NATO-Russian relations.
  • Bochum Verification  Project - Applied-physics research for automatic sensor systems which could  be used in the verification of disarmament and peace-keeping.
  • British Aerospace  Campaign - Campaign for the conversion of British Aerospace from Europe's largest weapons exporter to Europe's largest socially productive company.
  • Centre for European Security and Disarmament - Provide information and advice on topical defense, foreign and security policy questions that affect Europe, especially within European security institutions. CESD was established in 1993, evolving from the NATO  Alerts Network.
  • Council for  a Livable World Education Fund - Educate the public about nuclear weapons, the dangers of the arms race, and the search for peaceful alternatives.
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency - Consolidates a variety of US Defense Department functions to deal  more effectively with the threats posed by nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. Information on the activities and technology of the agency.
  • Disarmament and  Arms Control - Links to disarmament topics including: Canadian National Authority, Chemical Weapons Convention, Canadian Disarmament Digest. Comments on  Canadian Disarmament Policy. (Canada Department of Foreign Affairs and  International Trade)
  • Disarmament  Clearinghouse - Nuclear Test Ban Treaty NOW Action Site. Source for disarmament tools and actions.
  • Disarmament Diplomacy  Archives - Articles on nuclear, biological, and terrorism. ¬© 1999 The  Acronym Institute. Disarmament Diplomacy, published since January 1996, is the  successor journal to Nuclear Proliferation News.
  • Disarmament  Times - Published under the auspices of the NGO Committee on Disarmament to report on disarmament developments in the U.N. system.
  • Federation of American Scientists - Analyses public policy for global security; covers Arms Sales  Monitoring, Biological Weapons, CyberStrategy, Intelligence Reform, Military  Analysis, Monitoring Emerging Diseases, Nuclear Weapons, Secrecy and Government  and Space Policy.
  • Fourth Freedom Forum Denuclearization and Disarmament - The Forum's goal is a more  civilized world based on the force of law rather than the law of force. Believe  that economic power is greater than military might, and that the effective use of economic incentives and sanctions offers the greatest hope for creating a  more secure and peaceful future.
  • Internet Access to UN Information by Research Topic: Disarmament - United Nations  information on disarmament. Links from Yale University Library.
  • Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies - Foster research, teaching, and  public discussion of military and strategic issues of national and international  significance. Resarch activities on military history and the strategic analysis  of defence operations, peace-keeping, and arms control.
  • Nonproliferation Policy  Education Center (NPEC) - NPEC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about strategic weapons proliferation. This site contains information on nonproliferation related issues and the center's activities and programs.
  • Ploughshares Fund - Enhances global security by fighting nuclear terrorism and proliferation, preventing war, reducing defense spending, restraining arms trading, cleaning up radioactive waste, and banning landmines.
  • Pope John  Paul II On Disarmament - Message to the General Assembly of the United Nations. Disarmament efforts cannot concern only some countries or be centered one type of weapon.
  • Scientific Panel Says  National Missile Defense Won't Work - The Union of Concerned Scientists and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Security Studies Program present technical evidence that the planned US National Missile Defense (NMD) system would be defeated by simple responses from new missile states.
  • United Nations Department for Disarmament Affairs - Press releases, status updates, and statements on current on UN disarmament activities.
  • United Nations Office at Geneva  (UNOG) - Disarmament issues.
  • US State Department  Bureau of Arms Control - Policy oversight for the missions of arms control, nonproliferation, and political-military affairs. Merged with the former Arms  Control and Disarmament Agency. Many fact sheets, treaties and reports.
  • Western States Legal Foundation - Information and analysis for peace and environmental activists. Provides WSLF publications, government documents on nuclear weapons policy and  related topics, and web links.
Rating Association

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