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al Qai'da Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al Qai'da terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al Qai'da (al Qaeda) and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East State benefactors.


Abu Zubaydah, al Qai'da's head of international terrorist operations and a principal operative in the US New Era operation was captured after being critically wounded in a gun battle in Pakistan  .   .   .   The Benevolence Foundation  .  based in Chicago  .  and its director Enaam M. Arnaout were charged with providing as much as $685,000 anually to Al Qai'da  .  .  .  Purchase your copy of    .   .   .   The Little Scroll   .   .  .   al Qai'da's War Against God's Favorite City   .   .   .   for only USD $19.95    .   .   .   Purchase at the bottom of any page on this Website.   .   .
This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship God through the religion of their choice.



Al Qai'da  Watch Home Page

    The Al Qai'da Manual Section 1

Terrorist Threat Confronting the US

The Little Scroll  Introduction

al Qai'da Description

Preface to The Little Scroll

Author's Notes & News

Excerpt - The Little Scroll

Usama bin Laden

    Ayman Al-Zawahiri FBI Poster

The Walrus of the Sea

New Era Satellite View

NORAD Security Breach

State-Sponsored Terrorism

The Saudi Connection

Charter of Hamas

New Era OPS Members

Former al Qai'da Prophet

FBI 22 Most Wanted Terrorists

Babylon of Usama bin Laden

US Nuclear Missile Shield

Counter-Terrorism Sites

Interpol's Bin Laden Site 

Congressional Quarterly Press

ERRI Site on bin Laden/al Qai'da

Official DoD Pentagon Photos

The Terrorist Threat Confronting the United States


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Click animation to stop sounds.
Petite but powerful! At only 10k in size, PageSounds packs a wallop:
Assign any number of sounds to both  mouse "in" and "out" actions.
Animate using as many (or few!) animation "arcs" as you desire.
Set background color to mesh seamlessly with any Web page.
Loads in less than a second even over modem connections.
Play sounds in the order specified, or randomly.
Loop sounds, or stop after each is played.
Click on animation to stop/stop sounds.
Download PageSounds version 1.0 now!
LEGAL NOTICE: The audio file playing now is provided as part of the PageSounds download. The audio file is the exclusive property of Mantis Development Corp., and is included for instructional purposes only. The audio file may not  be used on your Web site, although you're free to use the PageSounds applet in any way you wish as long as it isn't resold.
Weaving PageSounds into your Web page is a cinch--all it takes is a few lines of HTML!
Following is the complete applet tag used to weave PageSounds into this very page:
<APPLET CODE="PageSounds.class" WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=35>  
     <PARAM NAME=outSound VALUE="">   
     <PARAM NAME=inSound VALUE="">   
     <PARAM NAME=inSoundLoop VALUE="yes">   
     <PARAM NAME=outSoundLoop VALUE="yes">   
     <PARAM NAME=backgroundColor VALUE="white">  
Simply place the PageSounds.class file (the Java applet) and .au format audio files inside
the same folder as the Web page in which you wish to weave the applet, and then
construct an appropriate applet tag such as the one above using any
of the following PARAMETERS:
Sound(s) to play when mouse is outside the applet. The value you supply is a string identifying the name of one or (uLaw) format sound files. If multiple sounds are specified, they are played in order by default or randomly using the randomSounds parameter. In any case, new sounds are played only when the mouse moves in/out of the applet. 

Note: The sound file(s)  must reside in the same folder as the PageSounds applet and the Web page you're weaving it into. If more than one sound file is used, you must separate each with the pipe character "|". 

Example using a single "out" sound: 
 <PARAM NAME=outSound VALUE=""> 

Example using multiple "out" sounds: 
 <PARAM NAME=outSound VALUE="||"> 

Related PARAMETERS: outSoundLoop, randomSounds, mixSounds

Same as outSound parameter above, except this parameter controls the sounds played when the mouse is moved inside of the applet. 

Example using a single "in" sound: 
 <PARAM NAME=inSound VALUE=""> 

Example using multiple "in" sounds: 
 <PARAM NAME=inSound VALUE="||"> 

Related PARAMETERS: inSoundLoop, randomSounds, mixSounds

By default, sounds play through to the end and then stop. Using these parameters, you can loop "in" and "out" sounds for continuous play (when a sound is "looped", it is repeated when end is reached rather than stopping). 

Example of looping both  "in" and "out" sounds: 
 <PARAM NAME=inSoundLoop VALUE="yes"> 
 <PARAM NAME=outSoundLoop VALUE="yes">  

By default, sounds are played in the order they're specified with inSound and outSound parameters. You can, however, use the randomSounds parameter to play sounds randomly rather than in order. 

Example of playing sounds randomly: 
 <PARAM NAME=randomSounds VALUE="yes">

By default, the currently playing sound will stop playing before a new sound begins. You can, however, "mix" sounds together using the mixSounds parameter. 

Example of mixing sounds together: 
 <PARAM NAME=mixSounds VALUE="yes">

By default, no background color is used by PageSounds. As a result, the applet will appear in a gray box when run under a Java-savvy browser unless you specify a particular color. Using the backgroundColor parameter you can specify up to 13 pre-defined  colors by name (such as "red", "white" or "blue"), or an unlimited number of colors using hexadecimal values. 

When specifying colors by name, you can use the following: 
black, blue, cyan, gray, darkGray, lightGray, magenta, orange, pink, red, white, yellow and  green 

Example of a white background using a pre-defined color: 
  <PARAM NAME=backgroundColor VALUE="white">  

Example of a white background using its hexadecimal  value: 
  <PARAM NAME=backgroundColor VALUE="FFFFFF"> 

By default, 7 arcs are animated when the ability to play sounds is enabled. You can, however, specify any number or arcs using the audioArcs parameter. 

Example of animating with 4 audio arcs: 
  <PARAM NAME=audioArcs VALUE="4">  


By default, the PageSounds applet animates one or more "audio arcs" when sound playing is enabled. You can, however, hide these arcs altogether. This feature is useful if you don't want to allow the user to disable sound playing, of don't wish for the animation to appear on your page. 

Example of "hiding" animated arcs: 
  <PARAM NAME=showArcs VALUE="no">  


The PageSounds applet, tons of sounds, scores of goodies and a host of cool Java
applets and scripts come with Java For Dummies! For more information, visit
Mantis Java Links.
PageSounds Copyright (C) 1996-98, Mantis Development Corp.
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
The Little Scroll: al Qai'da's War against God's Favorite City

Quality Paperback Edition USD $16.00


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